You must have a cooler out for your order to be delivered. You will keep your cooler at your house, even if you purchased one from us. We will just swap out your items each week, don’t forget to leave your rinsed bottle returns in your cooler before delivery so your driver can credit your account.
Nope, just remember to leave your cooler out for us!
If our driver has an insulated cooler bag on hand, they will deliver your items in that. Your account will have a $10 “Previous Delivery-Cooler Bag Fee’ added to your next order. (You get to keep the bag)
If our driver does not have an insulated cooler bag on hand your order will not be delivered, and we will credit back your account all but $10 of your order total. This $10 we do not credit you is simply to cover the loss of product and time for creating and attempting to deliver your order.

Yes, but order cut off times will still be applied. Accounts are charged right after cut off times (2 days before delivery at 7 pm). If you need to cancel your delivery after cut off time, send us an email and we will credit your account all but $10 of your order. This $10 we do not credit you is simply to cover the loss of product and time for creating and attempting to deliver your order.

Yes! As long as everyone is on board (leasing office/manager) and access is convenient. Just be sure to reach out to us to figure out where delivery in your building would work best, maybe a group delivery in the lobby or we need a code to enter. Good things should be shared, reach out for some coupon codes or referral codes for your neighbors and you!  For questions about apartment delivery please contact us at moo@kbrbhomedelivery.com
Yes! As long as everyone is on board and we can figure out a convenient way for us to deliver, please reach out to us moo@kbrbhomedelivery.com
In your account profile you can view your route information and see what day and time frame your delivery will be.
Yes, we’ve selected a few coolers to choose from. You can purchase one of these from us, or you can provide your own. The cooler must be an appropriate size for your order, and in good working condition.
A recurring order means you select items to receive automatically. This can be set weekly, biweekly, or even monthly. Have too much of something on hand? Simple log into your account before order cut off time and skip any items.
There is a minimum delivery of $15 which can be inclusive of the $4 delivery fee, so $11 product minimum. Don’t reach the minimum order amount? Our system will automatically adjust a higher delivery fee to meet the $15.
In extreme weather conditions it is very important to protect your products. In hot temperatures ice packs must be left in coolers. In cold temperatures we highly recommend leaving towels in your cooler to protect glass milk bottles and other products.
We deliver in all weather conditions unless it is unsafe to be driving on roads. If snow or ice is too severe for safe travel, we will send out emails about a reschedule day.
If your delivery day falls on a major holiday, we will notify you through email of a reschedule date.
Yes! Just leave instructions and any garage codes needed in your drivers notes and we will take care of the rest.


Pick Up Locations

When signing up, select one of the pickup locations available. They will have a time and address for when the pickup location takes place. Customize orders and pay through your account, then come get your order from us (Just remember to bring your rinsed bottle returns and something to carry your goods home in).

Accounts are charged right after cut off times.
If you email or call to let us know you can not come to pick up your order your account will be credited back all but $10 of your order. This $10 we do not credit you is simply to cover the loss of product and time for creating and attempting to deliver your order.
 If you do not email or call and simply just do not show up for pick up, your account will receive no credit and remain charged the full order total. We order fresh products each week, so we are unable to apply your order to the following week.

Currently we only offer our farm store as a pick up location. We plan to start adding more in the near future. Please reach out to us if you have any locations you think would be a good fit.


Bottle Deposits and Return Credits

Yes, each product in half gallon glass bottles will automatically have a refundable $3 deposit added before your order is charged.

Simply rinse any milk from your bottles and leave them in your cooler before your next delivery. Your delivery driver will credit your account $3 for each bottle when they deliver your fresh order.

We recommend using the delivery history page to keep track of all order charges and bottle returns. To view this page, log into your account and click on “my account” at the top right. Next, click on "delivery history". You can view your account balance, return credits, order charges and print invoices from this page. 
Any order including half gallon glass bottles will always have deposits added to the total. When you return bottles, a $3 credit for each bottle will be added to your account balance. When you are billed the evening before delivery, your account balance will be subtracted from your order total. We recommend customers use the delivery history page (found under account information) to view account balance/bottle returns.  
If we receive bottles that are broken or unable to be used again, we will not be able to credit your account.


Account Management

To have an account you must have a credit card or bank account on file and we will automatically charge your account after order cut of times (usually 2 days before delivery, after 7 pm). If your card is declined or there are any issues with payment you will be send an email to correct issue and not receive your delivery until resolved.
When signing up you selected either, provide your own cooler or purchase one from us. You will need to add a cooler from our products page to your first order. We will bring it along with your first delivery. We shopped around for different options of coolers, and selected several sizes from different price ranges.

Driver notes is a great place to list anything that might help us with your delivery. Does your house have a bright yellow door? Or maybe describe where cooler will be located, if not right next to front door. Thanks in advance!

Simply log into your account and click on “delivery hold”. Enter in vacations in advance or skip one week whenever you want, just make sure it’s before cut off time.

You can cancel your account at any time for no fee, just send us an email and we will disable your account.
We do our best to make sure everything gets to you just the way you like it, if something goes wrong please contact us moo@kbrbhomedelivery.com



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