We proudly do things differently
than the traditional dairy industry

The milk from our small-scale herd travels directly to our on-farm processing plant, before being delivered right to you.

Learn more about our Micro Dairy here: KBRB Micro Dairy

Home Delivery

Since opening in 2004, we have offered home delivery in Chatfield, MN.
In 2019, we launched online and began partnering with other local producers to offer their products as well.

We have found that customers making the choice to shop local, often have to go through great lengths to purchase the products.
Whether it’s planning your weekend around going to the farmers market before items sell out,
visiting multiple small shops, or spending extra money at the co-op,
we felt there was more we could do for our customers.

We hand select each producer we work with

and are just as transparent about their practices, as our own.


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