We’re the little guys, and that’s how we like it.

We do things differently than most creameries and dairy farms. Dairy farming has been in the Kappers’ family for generations. It wasn’t until 2004 when we decided that instead of selling our milk to a creamery, we would process it ourselves. Which brings us to today, a family run micro dairy.

We’re a family run business, and we really mean it. Being so involved in the whole production from start to finish allows us to really oversee everything and make sure things are done the way we want. From cow care to the bottling process, to the ways our milk is sold, it’s all-important to us. For more info about the milk side of our company feel free to visit our home website ww.kappersbigredbarn.com or reach out to us with any questions.

What’s a micro-dairy? This means all the milk our cows produce is pumped a short distance of 20ft (yup, we’ve measured) directly next door into the on-site processing plant. We process milk up to 5 times per week, using low temp pasteurization. This allows us to provide you with the freshest dairy products possible, often times the milk travels from cow to you in less than 12 hours.

Why Home Delivery?

One of the best parts of being a micro-dairy is getting to work directly with our customers. We like to see your faces, get to know your families, and be the ones selling our milk to you. Since the start of our company, this has always been a priority and we have been fortunate enough to have success with our self-service store and the farmer's markets we attend. We feel we can do more on our part to help bridge the gap between convenient shopping and truly local goods. (I don’t know…maybe like bringing them literally to your front door?)

We’re passionate about the importance of supporting local companies producing high-quality goods. As a consumer you have the choice of what kind of company you support and invest your money into, we hope you will choose to invest your dollar where the dollar will be spent back. It’s easier to go to the grocery store to buy your products, oftentimes at a lower price. We understand this and want to make the difference in quality as obvious as possible, and make purchasing them as convenient as possible. That’s why we’re here. So get your team spirit ready because we’re excited to welcome you to the fam.


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